Cosmetic is anything external or superficial pertaining only to the surface appearance that is mainly aimed to enhance beauty of an individual who can be a male or female. Dentistry on the other hand is an operation by a professional mostly a dentist performed on the teeth to reshape ones teeth, restore worn or short teeth and also closing spaces. Cosmetic dentistry therefore is a dental surgery performed on individual’s teeth to enhance their dental beauty, create an energetic change and a beautiful smile. Cosmetic dentistry is advisable especially in cases where one does not seem to be comfortable and confident with their dental formula as the mouth is a crucialorgan that we use to express ourselves and therefore we should be bold and express ourselves in a manner that we are not conscious of the appearance of our dental formula. Usually cosmetic dentistry is performed to get a smile makeover which enhances the smile of a person. Another problem that is relevant with cosmetic dentistry is bruxism, which is a practice of grinding of the teeth, as while sleeping, or due to stress or certain drugs and it can be restored with cosmetic dentistry. An individual can also receive dental implant if at all they want their entire dental formula recreated.

There are certain procedures that are followed in cosmetic dentistry that aim at addressing the various needs and specifications of the client. They are as follows: Bleaching, which is the procedure done to clients with teeth discoloration and stains in order to whiten them. The method is the most convenient as it is cost effective and can be performed anywhere be it one’s place of work or their place of residence. Another procedure performed is bonding. In this procedure, the dentist mainly fills in gaps in the clients teeth and also closes the spaces. This is done to clients with cavities and therefore they are relieved of the pain they had endured. With this procedure the client can freely go on with their day to day duties without much strain. Crowns is another form of cosmetic dentistry that is performed by covering the teeth to restore it to its normal shape and appearance so that they appear much better and more appealing as compared to the way they were rugged. Cosmetic dentistry also provides clients with veneers. These are attractive appearances that cover the teeth. They are placed over the front of the teeth to restore the evenness of the teeth. Cosmetic dentistry also offers contouring and reshaping of the teeth whereby the dentist restore and reshapes overlapping teeth continuingly.

Cosmetic dentistry is therefore a recommended type of surgery as the main aim of the process is to present one with a dental formula that they are comfortable with and can boldly express themselves without having to feel embarrassed that people will laugh at the arrangement of their teeth. It also boosts one’s confidence as it creates a positive change and gives one a beautiful smile and good dental appearance.