Healthy Resipes

Beat Those Hunger Pangs With Organic Foods

We all know its unbearable. Those hunger cravings that spring up when least expected. Sometimes your stomach starts to grumble just after an hour or so after a meal. The situation is worse if you happen to be at work where having food at desk is considered to be a crime. So how to beat those hunger pangs? How to silence your stomach without punishing it too hard? It’s simple. Get some organic snacks. Check out these five healthy organic snacks that will make you healthy as well give you a break from unexpected hunger pangs.

  1. Pre-meal fruits

Fruits are mines of nutritional value. They have so much nutritional ingredients in them that can detoxify your body and give it a fresh life. studies have proven that eating at least 5 fruit items a day will elongate your skin aging process and other related cosmetic problems. Not to mention that they enrich your health without adding layers to your belly.

  1. Mixed seeds

Seeds, dried or fresh are rich in vitamins. They are great snacks to munch on when it is not the appropriate time to indulge in a full blown meal. Seeds of sesame, sunflowers and even ground nuts can satiate your gastronomical troubles. They will not make you feel bloated but provide just what your body wants when it starts emitting signals of hunger.

  1. Smoothies

Delicious and nutritious. Smoothies are perhaps the best way to get the dual benefit of nutrition and tasty savouring. Smoothies also provide your body with antioxidants that will boost your energy levels. Further, as healthy organic snacks they also hydrate your body optimally. Get a blender if you start loving smoothies.

  1. Olives

Black or green, irrespective of the kind, olives are great snacks for any time of the day. They get digested quickly and are also great detoxifying agents. The icing on the cake is that olive oil can help you reduce weight naturally. They enhance the metabolism rate and make you feel lighter by removing the excess fat content in the body.

To sum it up

Organic snacks are the perfect way to beat hunger pangs at inappropriate times of the day. They also give a splendid opportunity to restore your health to previous glory without any side effects. Call them the shortcut to your dream fitness level without too much of physical exertion.