An increase in the life expectancy of an individual is always a good thing to happen, and with a global awareness towards health and well-being, the average life expectancy has only gone up in most of the countries around us. This is governed in a large way by the economy. The growing economies have seen a rise in the life expectancy because people have been earning well and thus have been able to sustain the rising medical costs. But in certain cases, the reverse also happens- the rise in life expectancy can drive some bit of commerce upwards.

This has happened in online pharma selling, especially in India. Here, there are many cities with an increasing number of households dwelt only by the elderlies. The young professional individuals are mostly away from home, many times residing outside the country because of jobs. In such households, there is no dearth of money, but what lacks is the ability to go out and buy the medicines. The elderlies are generally not able to go out and buy medicines many a times because of their ages, and have to depend on local and domestic helps for the same. How good it will be to have an online service that can deliver medicines at home?

Online medicine services on the rise

If medicines are made available online, it will be great for the elderly population in many well to do households in India. Not only will they be benefitted, even the ailing ones who are in dire need of urgent medication can get the advantage of medicines served at home. However, the online medical shops also give rise to certain fears and apprehensions because of which they are not preferred by many. Such a problem can be there for retail medical shops as well, but in that case, the doubts can be clarified using the medical prescriptions.

So, for good acceptance, the online medical shops have to be authentic with their products. For that purpose, they have to increase the transparency about the information on various medicines available online. The chemical composition and possible side effects and health hazards must be clearly spelt out on the websites. The details of dosage and expiry dates are some other things that people look for in order to confirm the authenticity of online medicine products.

Buying painkillers should be made risk-free

Among the various medicines used, painkillers are notorious in many ways. Sometimes, they are misused as drugs, and at other times, faulty dosages can lead to health problems. An overdose can not only give rise to discomfort but also can cause death. The dosages at the initial as well as final stages must also be increased and decreased respectively gradually. Most of the online websites do not leave any clue about these things and so, the users prefer to buy over the counter. Although one may argue that the dosages are mentioned in the prescriptions, in India, painkillers are randomly used by individuals even without meeting the doctors. So, it is always important to have the dosages announced so that one can go through and be correctly informed in order to buy Tramadol online.

Safety for using painkillers

Most of the painkillers like Tramadol should not be started with an abrupt dosage; the dosage must be increased in steps. The duration of dosage must be left to be decided by the doctors who will know the best how to treat the pain or illness. Even when the medicine is to be stopped, the dosage must go down stepwise and not abruptly down. An abrupt stoppage can give rise to side effects like sweating, nervousness, panic, lack of sleep, nausea, cough and chill, hair standing on end, abnormal shaking of any body part, or even diarrhea!

While buying online, medicines like Tramadol are thus mostly not sold without a medical prescription. However, there are certain good effects of buying online too- there are good discounts on offer. In most cases, the discount increases with the bulk. For instance, in order to buy Tramadol online, one has to pay .65 per pill for a pack of 100, which may come down to .50 a pill for a pack of 120 pills, and further down to .20 a pill for packs of 200 pills, and so on.