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How Your Attitude Can Affect Your Health

People with a positive attitude and a happy demeanor normally live more positive and happy lives. Some of this could fit into the idea of the law of attraction, saying that because they are positive and happy the attract more positivity and happiness. Whether or not that’s the case, if you even fake it till you feel it a good mood can be yours.

A bad mood, especially a long-lived one, can lead to other behavioral issues. Depending on how you deal with your mood it could lead to substance abuse and addiction. Here are some common “bad” moods and what they can do to your health, both physically and mentally.


Anger is probably one of the worst moods of all. It can quickly raise your blood pressure, which can lead to stroke or heart attack. People that don’t learn healthy ways to release their anger bottle it up inside and risk exploding at a later time. That explosion could simply be emotional, or it could be physical, and someone could get emotionally or physically hurt.

If you suffer from anger on a regular behavior counseling is the one thing that can truly help. Aside from that, find something to allow you to get your anger out, like a punching bag or a drum set.


Stress is another mood issue, often caused by a bad attitude. Everyone suffers stress at some point in their life. Maybe you took on too much work, maybe you hate your job, maybe your family life isn’t what you hoped it would be.

Stress leads to heart issues as well, and can quickly turn into high blood pressure. You can work to relieve your stress by meditating and finding things to do to keep your mind off of the stuff stressing you out.


Depression, left unchecked, can lead to suicidal thoughts and actions. Many people that suffer from depression also try to self-medicate, which can lead to substance or alcohol addiction. Just the opposite, addiction can also lead to depression.

Depression is an imbalance in the brain and therapy and medication can help. If you feel down more often than not you may want to see your doctor to find out if you’re suffering from this mental illness, before it leads you down an unhealthy path.


Anxiety is another mood/mental disorder similar to depression, and can often happen alongside it. There are different types of anxiety, each with their own different trigger. For people with social anxiety, it can be hard for them to even leave the house to go to social situations, which can grow into agoraphobia, making them afraid to ever leave their house.

There is therapy and medication that can help with these issues. Much like depression.