Dental implants give good strength and an extended tooth life. You need not quit the desire of eating whatever you wish. Although dental implants are common amongst adults, many of them would like know if children could also go for such implants.

Adults have maximum wear and tear with age, but children also meet accidents while playing or any sports. If young children lose their tooth, they will get their adult teeth once more. However, teenagers or children already having adult tooth are left out with an ideal choice of dental implants. Bear in mind that it is not as simple as it is for adults.

Dental implants are not difficult for children or teenagers, but their bone structure is what makes an issue. This is because according to their age, their jawbone is still growing. In addition, if the dental implant is positioned in the jawbone before it develops fully, there may be no initial problem, but problems may arise at a later growing age. The child may face problems with dental implants, the teeth around it may become crooked and its natural position will be disturbed.

Dental implants can be an issue in a teenager’s life too. Therefore, it is necessary to take full consultation before you go for the procedure. Also, safe implants show a discrepancy for different individuals. Girls can have them in mid teens while boys can have it after 17. Conversely, this cannot be blindly followed. It would be different for different cases.

No child would wish to have a space in teeth, especially during teenage years. So, if dental implants do not suit you, an initial option is partial denture to fill in the gaps before implants. Also, if you are a confused teenager about how to proceed, you can surely visit Houston dental implants for best guidance and treatment.

Growth of the adolescent age determines the age for implants. Some recommended ages for are –

  • Females – 15 years old
  • Males- 17 years old

Some more alternatives to dental implants are –

  • Dental Bonding
  • Flipper
  • Braces (Orthodontics)

Many accidents happen. Some children are fortunate enough to lose teeth that are short lived and then permanent teeth come in naturally. Some leave it for natural filling while for others cosmetics are an issue. Whatever it is discuss it with your dentist and opt for the best for yourself. For your child, ensure complete jaw development and then go for dental implants for lifetime smiles.