Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a kind of integrative psychotherapy program that has been implemented over many years to successfully treat a wide range of patients with diverse types of mental issues. This therapy includes a set of standardized protocols with elements based on different treatment approaches. This therapy has significantly assisted millions of people of different ages in relieving several types of psychological stress. Let us learn more about the different phases of this therapy in detail.

Different Phases of Treatment

Number of sessions required?

The total time required for the completion of the treatment depends on the past profile of the patient. The treatment involves a three-step protocol. The first step focuses on releasing negativities from the past memories. The second step addresses to the present disturbance and cures it and the final step prescribe all the future actions to be performed by the patient towards the permanent alleviation the symptoms, mental blocks and issues in a person.

History and Treatment Planning

This is the first phase in the treatment of mind and anxiety related issues. In this phase, a therapist gets a detailed history of the patient, his problem, symptoms and formulates a treatment plan.


This is the second phase in which the therapist teaches some specific techniques to help dealing with emotional disturbances quickly and strongly. This phase builds a trusted relationship between the patient and the therapist.


This phase is done to identify how the various concerns of the patient have been processed. The patient creates a positive self-statement and repeats to combat the fear or anxiety in him. Some of these statements can be I am lovable, A good person, in complete control, I can succeed, etc. By constantly putting these positive affirmations into the mind, a person gets the strength to face the challenging situations.


During this phase, the therapist will lead the patient in series of eye movement with appropriate shifts and modification of focus till his SUD levels come to zero level. In this way, a patient surpasses his initial goals and gets cured beyond their expectations. Not only anxiety, this process will also help in the overall better functioning of the body.

The professionals at Five Tribes Therapy have twenty-five years of experience in understanding the tragic stories of people and treating all types of mental health issues with compassion and ethics. Their effective clinical skills and adopted methodology bring personal change and growth.

EMDR therapy is a proven methodology to process all the negative experiences that cause problems to a patient. It is the best way needed to promote better health of an individual. Along with the treatment, one needs to make it a habit not to become anxious. Work out ways to solve the problem.