The word cancer is enough to send a person into depression. If you or a family member or a friend gets affected by this disease, the fear of pain and death becomes your constant companion. With cancer deaths on the rise worldwide, it is no wonder that there are numerous myths about cancer doing the rounds. But you must try and reach down to the bare facts before accepting any theory. Here you will find whether some cancer myths actually are as real as they sound or not.

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8 Myths about Cancer Busted

Cancer can be removed from the body completely

This is sad but the truth is that all cancer cells cannot be removed from a patient’s body, no matter which treatment is opted for. The effectiveness of the treatment depends on the stage, at which the cancer is diagnosed, but cancer cells have peculiar characteristics, which help them travel to any part of the body and when the cancer is diagnosed at a particular spot, there might be another tumor developing somewhere else and it could go undetected till at a later stage.

Moreover, cancer cells are diverse in nature and whatever therapy is used, some of the cells will always survive. It is rare that a therapy can remove all cancerous cells.

Cancer means death

Most of the cancers can be treated and the best way to deal with the fear of death is to maintain a positive and hopeful attitude. You might need painful and elaborate treatments and the process may be quite long and expensive but it is not necessary that all cancer patients meet their death because of cancer.

If you don’t have a history of cancer in your family, you have no risk

Some of the diagnosed cancer cases do point towards a hereditary trait and even some mutations can be traced down to some relative in a patient’s family, but all cancers are not because of genetic issues. Some cancers are caused by inexplicable things and researchers are still trying to find out the reason behind them.

Sunscreens prevent skin cancer

A sunscreen may protect you from tanning or rash caused by strong sun, but cannot reduce the risk of skin cancer. The reason behind this could be that with a sunscreen on, people tend to spend longer hours in the sun thinking that their skin is safe from the sun, but this could mean longer exposure to the sun and that means longer exposure to UV light.

Your best bet against damage from sun exposure is to wear clothes that cover up most of your body and use a hat and sunglasses to save your eyes, face and neck.

Pesticides can cause cancer

Pesticides in the food and in other places are definitely harmful but there has been no evidence to prove that pesticides cause cancer. In fact, even agricultural workers, who are exposed to higher levels of pesticides, have not been found to have a higher risk of cancer. Household pesticides also can be dangerous only if inhaled or swallowed but cannot cause cancer. Even if they do have a role to play in the formation of cancerous tumors, it is negligible.

Cancer is transmittable

Cancer is not a communicable disease. Of course, there are rare exceptions where some viruses do get transmitted from one person to another, but cancer itself is not transmittable.

Herbs and supplements can cure cancer

Though supplements do not come under the purview of the FDA and cannot be prevented from being publicized as magic potions for cancer, there is no evidence that suggests that supplements can actually cure cancer.

Cell phones are the reason behind brain tumors

We know that cell phones emit radiation and they might irradiate your brain also when you hold them to your ears, but whether they cause brain tumors is something that still needs to be proven conclusively. There have been some studies that suggest a possible link between cell phones and brain tumors, but the data and evidences have been inadequate.