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5 types of Sandwiches you can make with Cold Cuts


When the fourth earl of sandwich slapped meat between two slices of bread for a snack at the gambling table, he gave birth to the sandwich. Years later, this dish, invented of necessity has transformed into a delicacy, which takes on different forms to cater different tastes. Easily personalized, a sandwich is a healthy meal option. Licious is among the online meat stores,which offer a range of delicious cold cuts, which are a great way to add protein to your favourite sandwich.

Italian Subs

Cold- cuts of your choice, fresh salads, crunchyand creamy coleslaw, pungent mustard and any other sandwich ingredient you love can be added between the two halves of an Italian sub roll to create a special Italian sub just for you!Browse through Licious to buy meat online to add to your sub.

Turkey sandwich with goat cheese

While all meat is a great source of protein, turkey is believed to be the most nourishing of them all with its unique combination of red and white meat. It is a source of iron potassium, phosphorus and zinc and skinless turkey is also low in fat, making it the healthiest option available for meat eaters. Available in a range of preparations and cold cuts such as turkey salami, turkey ham and turkey mortadella, this nutritious meat pairs perfectly with goat cheese to make nourishing sandwiches for a quick snack, or a light meal.


Club sandwiches

A favourite breakfast option, and a much-coveted snack, the club sandwich is easy to make and lends itself to many interpretations. A classic club sandwich brings together, silky mayonnaise, hard boiled eggs, crunchy salad leaves, and cold cuts of your choice. Layer a slice of bread of your choice with honey mustard, mayonnaise, avocado, cheese, and turkey or chicken salami. The second slice of bread acts as the base of the second layer. Top it with alayer of fresh tangy tomatoes, chicken or turkey ham and crisp iceberg lettuce, closing your sandwich with a slice of toast slathered with mayonnaise and mustard. Cut the sandwich into four triangles secured with toothpicks. A perfect breakfast option, these sandwiches are great for a picnic too!

Ham and mortadella Sandwich with provolone and pickled hot pepper relish

Slice your favourite kind of bread roll into half lengthwise, keeping one side intact. Brush a mixture of vinegar and olive oil on the inside of the roll,and line it with provolone cheese. Spread a layer of hot pepper relish on the cheese, and top it with crinkled turkey ham. Create another layer of cheese and relish and top it with crinkled mortadella. Press the sandwich closed wrap in foil, and bake in an oven preheated to 350 degrees until the cheese is melted and the bread is warmed through! Not only is this sandwich delicious, but the use or low-fat turkey meat also makes it a healthy meal option!

Hot dogs!

An American favourite, hotdogs are among the most sold street foods in the country. A sizzling sausage snuggled into a soft fluffy bun, and topped with your choice of toppings, makes a hot- dog to die for!Personalise your hot dog with thefixing of your choice, whether it is homemade coleslaw or pungent Dijon mustard, to make yourself a snack, which satiates your taste- buds.

Licious lets you choose from a collection of delicious meat online India to make a sandwich of your very own!