For many women, the hips are a major problem area when it comes to weight loss. When you’re struggling to pull pants up, it may be time to consider targeting the hips specifically. For long-term weight loss, a comprehensive plan of diet and exercise is necessary to achieve goals.

Consider adding a supplement to your weight loss routine if you’re not having success with diet and exercise alone. It is likely that some of your body’s processes need to be reset, and now with the ease that you can buy Qsymia online, neither budget nor access stands in your way.

Here are 5 easy tips to lose extra fat from hips:

  1. Get moving

Increasing cardio is the best way to stimulate weight loss in problem areas, so even just taking a dance class several times a week can be immensely helpful. Running and circuit training at the gym are also great options if available to you.

Squats are a great way to target belly, hips, and upper leg fat, and can do wonders to increase your core strength, improving your overall strength.

  1. Reduce your calories

Everyone will tell you that reducing your caloric intake and increasing your exercise will lead to burning off extra fat. They’re not lying.

If you want to get the bad fat away and keep it from coming back, you’ll have to count your calories. Keep a running food log that allows you to see how many calories you consume a day, and work to taper this down to a healthier amount. If you try and cut your caloric intake in half immediately, chances are your long-term goals will fail.

  1. Cut down the carbs

Many popular diets over the years have helped people realize the damage that excess carbohydrates can do to a body. While the ideal diet includes carbs in moderation, when you’re trying to lose weight significantly reducing or even periodically avoiding carbs can help target both hip and belly fat.

However, most carb-free dieters can attest that once they stop the diet, they immediately gain the weight back. The goal is to reduce your carb intake to a healthy amount, so reduce bad carbs like processed white grains, and opt for whole-wheat and natural options.

  1. Water, water everywhere

Drinking lots of water is essential to your body’s health, whether you are an athlete or just trying to lose some weight. Drinking plenty of water helps your body fell better and less full, which cuts down on feelings of hunger and overeating. Water helps your body flush out bad toxins, so drinking plenty will make sure you are on the way to long term health.

  1. Avoid the alcohol

Alcohol is full of sugars — even the unsweetened kind — and can be loaded with carbohydrates, having you break your diet without even realizing it. It’s best to avoid alcohol completely as it also leads to dehydration as well as overall feelings of tiredness. You’ll sleep better and your body will work better.