You can’t do much as a person if you have any kind of serious issues with your heart, so it’s no surprise that people who want to be healthy and stay healthy have to be sure to keep their ticker in good working order. This is a surprise to no one, but because some of the behaviors associated with heart health are in fact challenging, not everyone falls in line quite the way they want to.

But, if you follow the five tips below, it should at least get you moving, and moving in the right direction as well – learn the statistics about heart health first, the find out how to change your habits, use group psychology whenever possible, balance your diet and exercise regimen, and consider your moods as positive reinforcement.

Learn the Stats First

Heart health, on a medical level, is going to take you into the realm of cardiology, where you’ll learn the more clinical approach to keeping your heart healthy with respect to medical terminology and statistics. The more that you understand this language, the better you’ll be able to make reasonable goals for yourself, and the better you’ll be able to have a conversation with folks who can help you out with technical details.

Find Out How To Change Your Habits

And once you find out what heart healthy habits you should have, the next step is finding a practical way to adjust your habits in general. There are scientific studies that will help you do this, as habits are really quite difficult to adopt or change, simply from a mental and physiological standpoint, which puts people who want to change at a disadvantage. Good intentions just aren’t enough to really push into new behaviors.

Use Group Psychology

Group psychology is important to changing habits, so if you want better heart health, hang out with other people that have the same goal! It sounds so simple, but so many people fall off of their goal structure and timeline because they simply don’t have the right kind of group support.

Balance Diet and Exercise

And you aren’t going to be able to get heart healthy with just diet or just exercise – it truly does require both, and if you don’t find the right balance, it’s either not going to work, or you’re going to be very unhappy during your attempt.

Consider Your Moods

And finally, feeling better physically is going to help you feel better mentally and emotionally, so when you start your pathway to become more heart healthy through cardio workouts and smarter eating habits, that will affect your entire mood center, directly affecting your quality of life almost immediately after you make your decision to start!