Congratulations Mom, you’re looking at a happy baby now. Now after all those months of pregnancy, you might be looking at a not-so-happy Mom in the mirror. Well if this is you, then not to worry. We have 5 quick and easy tips you can follow which will help slim up and shed those baby pounds.

1.) SUPERFOODS – The Dia Method recommends some of the following foods rich in Omega 3’s, protein, iron, and Vitamin C. Recommendations are for eating both during pregnancy and for post-pregnancy while breastfeeding.

At the top of the list is wild salmon and sardines, grass-fed butter, pasture raised eggs, grass-fed red meat such as beef and lamb, bell peppers, and dark leafy greens like Kale and Spinach.

To kick this up a notch to super greens, consider organic products like Sun Chlorella, Spirulina, and Wheatgrass. Using combinations of the above, you’ll receive the most important nutritional elements to help lose that weight.

2.) ZUMBA — Time to get moving again! Consider enrolling in some Zumba classes near you … because once you get your energy back from eating right, you’re going to have a lot of it. Especially when you start consuming the super foods listed above regularly, this should begin balancing hormone levels and help maximize your fitness training and aerobic workouts.

3.) SWIMMING – Speaking of aerobic exercises, one of the most enjoyable and healthiest activities you can add to a weekly routine is swimming. What makes this exercise so effective for cardiovascular fitness is that you’re moving many different muscle groups of the body at once. If you don’t have a pool, try searching for a local YMCA, community lake, or even the beach if you live close to one

4.) BICYCLING – The idea here is to be in motion and stay in motion! Biking can be either a single or group activity for keeping fit. Not to mention giving your legs a good burning workout!

If you are looking for a great bicycling experience, Brooklyn Bicycle Company can have a custom bicycle shipped to a local dealer near you with their special Buy & Ride program.

5.) HIKING – The great outdoors awaits and is a fun family activity. So grab your baby kangaroo pouch or baby backpack and head on out and hit the trails! Find some scenic spots in your area to plan a day hike for. It’s also a great way for family to bond and exercise at the same time. There are some great apps like the AllTrails Hiking and Biking App that can find new trails near you.

While it may take a bit of patience at first, remember you’ve been there, done that during those 9 special months. Following the tips above, you’ll have plenty of reasons to stay active and feel great about slimming up!