Activated charcoal is a highly effective to trap chemicals and toxins in its numerous tiny pores, compelling them to be flushed out preventing body from reabsorbing them. In Australia, Different processes of creating activated carbon give birth to different forms that are used for variety of uses.

When it comes to ingest the product to detox the internal organ, it’s important to rely upon a charcoal powder product that is made out of coconut shells. However, you must be aware of the fact that activated carbon is totally different from the charcoal that is used in the barbecue grill. Those are not edible and are stuffed with chemicals and toxins.

How Does Activated Carbon Work?

Carbon does not absorb the toxic elements; it works following the chemical process known as adsorption. It’s like a chemical reaction where the elements are bound to a surface. The perforated surface of the charcoal has negative electric charge that causes positive charged toxins and gas to bind with it. The nooks and crannies of the activated carbon are developed through heating process.

Benefits of Using Activated Charcoal

  • If gas and bloating have become a matter of concern for you or other members of your home, then it’s the high time to use The gas-causing components of food are bound by it to reduce the level of discomfort and detox the body.
  • With regular use you can check the level of cholesterol in your body, let’s practice a good habit from today keep a bottle of it at home.
  • Your bile flow problems can be safely handled by activated charcoal even during your pregnancy days.
  • Though it doesn’t adsorb alcohol it helps by removing other toxins from body quickly that may otherwise contribute to poisoning. Alcohol is barley consumed in pure form, chemical and artificial sweeteners are commonly mixed into it and these additional products are removed by charcoal powder.
  • It is commonly used in many emergency trauma treatment centers across


If you are suffering from any chronic disease and currently taking medications regularly you must consult with your physician before taking charcoal powder. You can also consult with the physician about the perfect dosage of charcoal sufficient to serve your purpose.