Ayurveda is one of the most ancient Indian systems of internal medicine, predominantly using a number of minerals as major ingredients of various medicinal formulations. This proliferation of metals becoming the prime benefactors of medical formulations, in turn, revolutionized Ayurveda by converting the drug into super fine and easily absorbable formulations with superior therapeutic properties devoid of toxic substances. These fine powders, also called as Bhasmas, make their strong presence felt in Ayurvedic medicine.

The following are the most interesting yet unknown facts about Ayurvedic medicine that are sure to intrigue readers in more ways than one!

  1. Treating the Three Doshas — The preface of Ayurveda

Ayurveda focuses on treating the three most predominant imbalances of physical and mental traits; namely the Vata Dosha, Pitta Dosha and Kapha Dosha. This is the core of Ayurveda which tries to restore and correct the imbalances in the physical and emotional constitution of a patient. Vata Dosha is evident in patients who are extremely lean but are highly creative. Pitta Dosha can be seen in intelligent people with a medium build. Kapha Dosha, on the other hand, manifests in people with a mild demeanour, flaunting strong bodies.

  1. Checking the Pulse

The first part of diagnosis calls for the Ayurvedic practitioner to identify the type of Dosha. This is done through a specialized pulse examination, when the index, middle and ring fingers of the Ayurvedic doctor are placed on the hand of the patient to read the imbalance in the pulse. Another interesting fact is the difference in hand linked to the sex of the patient. The fingers of the doctor are placed on the right hand of a male patient with the women patients stretching out their left palm for their pulse to be read. The Ayurvedic doctor then decodes the three different movements in a pulse which are then linked to the presence of one of the three Doshas mentioned above and treatment is prescribed in line with the type of Dosha which is identified.

  1. Rasa — The Well Established Connect Between Food and Medicine

Ayurveda thrusts a great deal of importance on the connection between food and medicine. A host of health supplementsare enlisted on Zigy.com which can be ordered as part of the treatment to change the diet of the patient along with the inclusion of herbs. Rasa, meaning taste demands the correction of imbalance matching a particular Dosha to its corresponding taste namely; Sour, Sweet, Pungent, Salty, Astringent and Bitter.

  1. Herbs — The Benefactors of Ayurveda

Zigy.com comes as a blessing to patients who wish to order medicines online with various herbs used in the formulation of medicines. A number of herbal medicines are enlisted to treat different types of Dosha and inflammations keeping in mind the heavy metal contamination that the patient is experiencing. However, it is imperative for a patient to seek the professional advice of an Ayurvedic practitioner to identify a perfect herbal concoction that suits him best.

  1. Treatment Schedule

Just like any other allopathic treatment, an Ayurvedic treatment follows certain rigid disease management and curing techniques through cleansing, detoxification and body treatments like yoga. Many a time, an Ayurvedic doctor prescribes meditation and exercises to treat a particular Dosha.

Basically incorporating natural means to treat illnesses, Ayurveda is the science of life which believes in healing ailments by repairing the body and mental imbalance through herbs, diet and meditation. It is now a simple job to source these potent preparations through Zigy.com, the most reliable online medicinesplatform.