In the digital era, cooking is easier than ever. No matter if you’re an accomplished chef or someone who often ruins toast, you can still make fine cuisine thanks to the internet. All you need is the ability to read the right food sites and watch the best food preparation videos. So, keep your cellphone handy as you learn about the six best cooking apps for Android.


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This is the most popular cooking app in the world, so you know it’s good. Epicurious features a whopping 30,000 recipes. That’s enough different ideas to feed you for over 27 years. So, if you can’t find a recipe you like on Epicurious, you’re too picky and likely to starve to death. In addition to letting you store recipes, this app features voice commands for those moments when your hands are full in the kitchen.

Cookbook Recipes

Assuming you have some skill as a chef, all you need are the right instructions to prepare delicious dishes. Cookbook Recipes is a free app that compiles hundreds of recipes. All you need to take into the kitchen are the suggested ingredients and your cell. Smartphones with large screens by Samsung are perfect, because you can easily read the ingredients and cooking steps, even if you aren’t right by your phone.

Cookbook Recipes also works in reverse. If you’re hungry and scavenging through the refrigerator, you can search for recipes based on the ingredients you have in hand. This bit of creativity can help you discover new dishes you never would have tried otherwise.

Food Network in the Kitchen

This cable channel is in roughly 100 million homes, and it’s one of the most popular in terms of daily viewers as well. Scripps Networks wants to capitalize on the brand, so they make this app available for free in the Google Store. It’s one of the most robust free apps on the market, so you absolutely have to download it to your cellphone.

Food Network in the Kitchen supplements the network’s programming by providing step-by-step instructional videos of the programming the channel airs. There are already thousands of recipes included in the app, and it updates each month to add new content from recent episodes. So, you have a treasure trove of cooking guides from your favorite network chefs such as Bobby Flay, Rachael Ray, and Alton Brown. Even mediocre chefs will feel like the “Next Food Network Star” after a few meals.

Paprika Recipe Manager

This .99 app provides tremendous functionality for the price of a combo meal at your favorite fast food restaurant. The software gives you the ability to develop your own digital cookbook. Using an included browser, you can search for your recipes featuring your favorite ingredients and flavors. Once you find something you like, drag it into the app. You can even store them in different categories if you’re someone who likes to eat based on moods.

The genius of Paprika Recipe Manager involves grocery shopping. Once you’ve stored all your favorite recipes in your digital cookbook, simply pick the meals you want to eat this week. The app will populate a shopping list so that you can get all the ingredients you need. It saves so much aggravation from those times home from the grocery store only to realize you forgot a crucial part of a recipe.

EatingWell Healthy in a Hurry

Are you someone who is health-obsessed but pressed for time? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. If you work full-time and spend the recommended 30 minutes working out every weekday, you don’t have a lot of time to cook. This app understands that you want to eat healthy but have little free time to prepare the right meals.

Most of the included recipes take 20 minutes or less to prepare. It even includes snacks that you can put together when you have the munchies but don’t want to wipe out all your hard work exercising by a chocolate binge. It even ranks the difficulty of each recipe, so that you can cook something simpler after an exhausting workout.

All you need to cook a great meal these days is your cellphone. So, grab yours and download these apps. You’ll feel like you’re ready to compete on Top Chef after only a few days.