Although vaping is an increasingly common practice, many people don’t know that much about it. It suffers from the stigma of association with tobacco smoking. The fact is, though, that vaping not only is healthier than tobacco smoking, but it can actually help people trying to quit. It’s a versatile hobby that can fit in with active lifestyles. Below, you’ll find some tips for people looking to combine health and vaping.

Think About What’s in Your Mix

A lot of people associate vaping with nicotine use and tobacco smoking. This is a misconception. While many vapers do use nicotine in their vaping mixes, not all do. The substance used in vaping is a chemical mix called e-liquid, or sometimes e-juice, and exactly what is in that mix varies from case to case. Many mixes have a primary base in healthy and natural vegetable glycerin, and some have no nicotine at all. Advanced vapers even learn how to mix their own e-liquid, taking total control of what they put in their bodies.

Smoke Versus Vapor

Another common misunderstanding has to do with the difference between vapor and smoke. Smoke, the substance produced by combusting plant matter in tobacco cigarettes, is a mixture of gasses and solids. The gas carries the solids, which are potentially harmful, into the lungs — depending on what they are. Vapor, however, is the gaseous form of a liquid, and is much less harsh on your respiratory system. It is important , however, to note that some vaporizers, if you set them into overdrive, can start combusting the e-liquid, creating a harsher substance.

Pick the Vaping Setup that Works with Your Lifestyle

There are multiple kinds of vaporizers on the market, from e-cigarettes to VV/VW boxes — you can even pick up the Vaporcade Jupiter, a phone you can smoke! Different types fit different lifestyles, but don’t worry: there are plenty of inaluable vaping resources available. E-cigarettes, for instance, are easy to use and accessible, but are also disposable and lack customization features. Vaping pens, the next model up, are more customizable, with removable tanks and battery setups. They are a compromise between portability and power. Bigger vaporizers are known as mods, and allow the greatest customization of your setup, at the cost of greater weight.

You Can Grind Your Own Herbs

Image via Flickr by Salvadonica, Chianti, Tuscany

In addition to using e-liquid, you can also get herbal vaporizers, which allow you to turn an herbal mixture into vapor. As mentioned above, vaporizing is a non-combustion process when done right; instead of burning the herbs themselves, it simply turns the essential oils on the herbs into vapor which you can then inhale. One of the best things about herbal vaping is that, once you know what you are doing, you can grind your own herbs. That way, you’ll have the freshest vaping experience possible. It’s like grinding your own coffee, but for vaping!

Vaping is a healthy alternative to smoking, and can certainly be a part of an active life. There are many facets to the vaping experience, and you’ll need to explore these on your own to find the best results for yourself. Using the above items as a starting point, check out all the vaping resources available, and you’ll discover for yourself how great vaping is.