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3 Ways to Ease Sore Muscles

If you live an active lifestyle that includes working out on a regular basis and exerting plenty of energy during the week, you’re likely used to having some sore muscles as a result of that. But when you have a particularly hard work out, you can have particularly sore muscles, which can make it hard to continue on with your exercise routine due to fatigue and pain. So to help you get back in the saddle as quickly as possible, here are three things you should always do following a tough workout to keep your muscles from getting too sore.

Don’t Stop Moving

When your muscles are sore and you have pain with each movement, it’s easy to want to just sit on your couch and not move for a while. However, if you do this, you may experience even more sore muscles that you otherwise would have. While it can be very hard to get yourself to do, Judi Sheppard Missett, a contributor to, recommends that you keep your muscles moving when you start to feel sore. By moving and stretching your sore muscles, you will increase the blood flow to those areas, which will help keep you loose. Some ways you can try moving and stretching when you’re sore are taking a walk to just swinging your limbs around.

When To Use Heat and Ice

Many people know that you can use heat and ice to help aid in recovery after working out. However, many people get confused as to when to use heat and when to use ice. If you get these two times switched, they won’t help you recover as fast and could even make recovery take longer. According to Elizabeth Shimer Bowers, a contributor to Everyday Health, you should ice immediately after you workout and use heat the following day. For example, if you go to go gym like Training in the Bay, they usually have an ice bath that you can soak in after you’re done working out. And then once you get home or when you wake up the next morning, break out your heating pad to keep those muscles loose.

Apply Pressure Through Massage

Another way that you can increase your circulation and help sore muscles recover is through the use of pressure. By applying pressure to your sore muscles, you can relieve the pain and tension that have built up in the muscle. If you have the means, getting a professional massage can be very beneficial. But if you’re trying to save yourself some money, Michele Foley, a contributor PopSugar Fitness, recommends using a foam roller or a tennis ball to rub over your muscles. You can either do this by yourself or ask a friend to help you.

If you need some help finding ways to ease your sore muscles, use the tips mentioned above to help you do just that.