While some addictions require checking into a rehabilitation center and focusing completely on overcoming your addiction, this is not a necessity for all addicts or addictions. If you have fallen victim to a mild addiction, something that is affecting you but hasn’t taken over your life yet, you have many more options for overcoming this type of addiction than if you were to wait until you became trapped in a full-blown addiction. To help those suffering from mild addictions, whether it be to drugs, alcohol, food, gambling or anything else, here are three tips to keep in mind when attempting to successfully overcome your addiction.

Explore Various Treatment Options

Like was mentioned previously, there are more options for overcoming an addiction than checking yourself into rehab. When you’re looking at the various treatment options available for assisting you in overcoming your addiction, HelpGuide.org recommends for addicts to look into working with various types of doctors and psychologists, relevant clergy members, counselors, social workers, or other forms of addiction treatment services. Try to pick an option that you feel will work well with the type of addiction you have as well as your personality and lifestyle.

Include Your Friends and Family with “Network Therapy”

One of the hardest things for an addict when attempting to overcome their addiction is the feeling of being lost and alone. While your friends and family members may think that you just need to focus on yourself to handle your addiction, Marc Galanter of Psychology Today shares that actually working with a support system of your friends, family and therapist—what Galanter calls “network therapy”—can be extremely beneficial for both the addict and their friends and family members.

As you’re contemplating overcoming your mild addiction, don’t be afraid to involve those you love on your journey to sobriety. You’re going to need their help and support in order to best avoid a relapse, and they’re going to be more accepting and understanding of all that you’re going through if they’re involved in the process with you.

Herbal Remedies

If you feel that overcoming your mild addiction could be sped along by natural or medicinal assistance, there are plenty of herbal remedies available to alleviate the problems and symptoms associated with mild addictions. According to Steven Horne, a contributor to ModernHerbalMedicine.com, certain flower essences like milkweed, morning glory and nicotiana can be very beneficial for those suffering from addictive tendencies as well as emotional issues. Consider speaking with a holistic medical provider if you’re interested in these types of herbal remedies.

Although you may not think your mild addiction is too much of a problem, you can save yourself and your loved ones from a lot of pain and suffering if you’re willing to nip your mild addiction in the bud before it gets too out of hand. Use the tips mentioned above to begin your journey toward overcoming addiction today.