Communication within a relationship can be one of the greatest points of stress and reasons why a relationship will or won’t last. While you have spent your entire life communicating with people in various situations, learning how to effectively communication in a romantic relationship can be a lot different than talking to your grocer or doctor. This type of communication takes time and effort to nurture the relationship and find styles of communication that will work for both partners.

So if you’re looking for the type of loving relationship that could be used in stock images and jewelry ads, here are some tips for helping your communication get you there.


1. Know Your Partner’s Communication Style

People communicate in different ways. One partner may be very open and outspoken while another may be more subtle or shy. While both of these communication styles can and do work, they aren’t as effective if your partner doesn’t understand that form of communication.

To develop a loving and understanding relationship, it’s vital that you know how your partner most comfortably communicates so you can relate better to them. Dr. Phil provides a great test that can give you insight into how your partner communicates. This information can then help you to get on a level playing field when it comes to expressing your thoughts and feelings with your partner.

2. Eliminate Communication Barriers

For your communication to be effective, it must be a priority. However, there are many things that can get in the way of effective communication and make it hard for you and your partner to understand one another. According to, some of the most common barriers to communication are stress or other explosive emotions, lack of focus on the conversation at hand, and negative or inconsistent body language.

In order to overcome these barriers, it’s important that you take a moment to calm down before getting into a heated conversation, give the topic your undivided attention, and not be defensive or aggressive with your body language.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Laugh

Trying to communicate effectively can be stressful even if you do understand how your partner communicates and have eliminated other barriers. To keep each participant comfortable enough to communicate openly and honestly, try employing humor in your conversation.According to Psych Central, using humor will help ease tension, lighten any frustration, and put your issues into perspective. This will make your conversation go smoothly and your communication feel like it’s progressing in a positive direction.

While not every day will be a communication success for your relationship, you can make small changes and improvements by implementing these three tips for making your communication with your partner more welcoming and natural.