Cars have always been a thing that are fiercely admired as well as hotly debated. Everybody loves different aspects of cars, and that’s okay. Despite your opinion on what might be the best car in the world, the best car to own, the prettiest car to ever exist, or most well made piece of machinery on the market, the fact of the matter is that Ford is without doubt the best car maker out there.

Here are 3 reasons why owning a Ford will make you a happier person:

You’re Joining in On A Legacy

Ford has one of the best and most inspirational success stories out there. Ford invented the assembly line which made their Model T the most accessible car ever. Ford literallychanged the face of the modern world. When you drive a Ford, you’re living out that legacy.

You’re partnering up with a company that has been around for a long time and is committed to making things that are not only affordable, but also quality. When you’re proud to drive a Ford, you’re automatically a happier person because of it through association.

You Get to Choose From A Wide Variety

SInce Ford has been around for more than a hundred years, they’re a more developed company than others. This means that they have years and years of experience that have shaped the way that they design and build cars. When you choose Ford you have seemingly unlimited models of cars for you to choose from.

Ford knows what works and what doesn’t work for a vehicle. If you stick with Ford, you could get a truck, you could get a sleek Mustang or a sports car, you can choose economy, or you can choose to be over the top. A world in which you can practically custom order your vehicle is a happy world and Ford makes that possible.

You Can Be One With The Mustang

If there was a one-size-fits-all car, it would be Ford’s Mustang. The Mustang has been the envy of all, forever. It’s sexy, muscular, and classic. Ford is Mustang, and if you don’t own do Ford, you can’t do Mustang. Seeing as though happiness can be temporarily achieved when you have things that everybody in the world wants, you owning a Ford Mustang is the solve all to your problems.

Why have it any other why when you can have it Ford’s way? Ford is the best motor company all time. There is no shaking that fact. They were faced with hard times, but they barreled down and pushed through and that’s the maker of a great legacy. You’re part of that legacy. One one. Be one with the Ford.