When buying a bariatric examination table, you need to consider its size and the quality in order to match with your practice. Being a medical examiner, you are interested in ensuring maximum comfort for your patients, irrespective of their height, weight and size. Every patient who attends your clinic should feel satisfied with the examination and feel completely at ease when lying down. The ultimate objective of your clinic should be to make a user-friendly experience for your patients as well as for the physician. Each table is carefully designed to make it operate under certain conditions. Follow the list below to understand the considerations to be kept in mind when buying a bariatric table.

Important considerations when buying the table

  1. As a physician, you will be mostly dealing with overweight and obese patients. Therefore, select a table that can put patients at absolute ease. Scour the market and you will find many options like varied table sizes, shapes, forms, etc.
  2. The table should have an apt size so that both small and huge obese patients can feel safe sitting or lying on it. Most importantly, take care of the fact that they are secured when rolling over.
  1. When buying the table, examine whether it offers maximum convenience for diagnosis, treatment and even follow-ups in varied medical problems. A physician should not feel restricted when conducting the examination process.
  2. Consider a table that holds a perpetual impression on the minds of patient about the practice that you provide and the kind of ease and comfort you can assure them. No wonder, a high quality table defines the best experience about your clinic.
  3. Check if the tables feature deep shelves and big cabinets. This will help in storage purpose. In a medical clinic, a doctor will need to store many equipment and medical tools and other essentials. In that case, storage shelves will help a lot to ensure you have a spruced up clinic.
  4. Opt for high density, thick urethane top. Urethane is a kind of crystalline compound that is specially used as an aesthetic. Besides, synthetic urethane is effective against pests and fungal formation.
  5. Make sure that the table minimizes any likelihood of injury or distress to patients, particularly handicapped, elderly, pregnant people who might find problems in accessing an exam table.
  1. The chosen tables should serve better examination possibilities for the patient and doctor. This means that the table is an indispensable part of your clinic and so only a rightly chosen one can meet your purpose.
  2. Check for some important features like, column lift system, pneumatic adjustment backrest/one-piece top, welded steel frame, adjustable footrest, open base, hand rest/controls, hands-free foot height, specific weight capacity, lubricating pivot points, foam padding of at least 2 inches on the top, and much more.
  1. Check out for maximum strength and durability. If a physician is mostly attending obese people, then the bariatric table that you buy should be supported by six legs to provide you with strong support. Check out for flawless upholstered finish made in heavy duty, nylon reinforced vinyl having tear resistance and high pressure lamination finish on the exterior surface.
  2. Some tables do not offer pillows. However, it depends upon you whether you want one. Added to this, do verify if the table has plywood top that will determine strength to it.
  3. Do measure if all the stress points are securely strengthened with steel angles. After all, patients of all size and shape should feel secured on getting atop.

Now that you have an idea regarding the points to look for, you can make the right choice when buying bariatric examination tables.